The number 1 excellence in showbiz, moreover “Duong Mich Vietnamese rendition” for this unexpected explanation?

On April 3, data about female vocalist entertainer Chi Pu taking part Tycoon Pedals the Breeze and Turns Waves Season 4 has drawn in a ton of consideration from Vietnamese crowds. At the point when he by and by went to welcome female contenders from everywhere the world, Huynh Xiaoming was holding a nameplate, which was said to have the words “Chi Pu, hi”.

Huynh Xiaoming holds a board with the name Chi Pu (third line from the base counting up)

As a matter of fact, Chi Pu is certainly not a bizarre name to the Chinese crowd. Then again, she is likewise a popular star of Vietnam according to Chinese-language media, in any event, being given numerous horrible names that in Vietnam, the young lady brought into the world in 1993 has never at any point had.

Chi Pu singing contest in China

According to the Chinese press, Chi Pu is the most renowned female star in Vietnamese showbiz, having the top excellence. The article distributed on the Elle China page in 2020 likewise gave Chi Pu the title of “Vietnam’s number 1 excellence”, far and wide prominence with a great many supporters on Instagram.

Alluding to Chi Pu isn’t just magnificence yet in addition endlessly time “scouring” with acting. From this second on, abruptly the proprietor of the hit tune Sibling eh, remain called… “Duong Mich Vietnamese adaptation” surprisingly.

From the post of Elle China, numerous other news locales like Sina, Sohu, Tencent QQ… all common that Chi Pu was contrasted with the little blossom of Yang Mi. Elle China page once composed word for word that “Chi Pu became renowned subsequent to playing the Vietnamese variant of Cung Toa Cap Ngoc”.

Notwithstanding, obviously Chi Pu has never played this transformation project, and as a matter of fact, the Vietnamese screen has never had a film that is “The Castle of the Core of Pearl Vietnamese variant.” Then again, because of the picture connected to the article, numerous Vietnamese netizens later figured it out.Chinese media erroneously felt that Chi Pu’s picture in the MV Sibling eh, remain is Lac Tinh Xuyen, a job that was effectively performed by Duong Mich.

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On account of this “good gracious” correlation, Chi Pu unintentionally turned out to be increasingly more known by the Chinese web-based local area. Moreover, she likewise claims an enormous fan local area, rather, an enthusiast of the couple since she and Gil Le used to co-star in a heartfelt short film. Love. While Chi Pu sings in Very rich person Pedals the Breeze and Turns Waves In season 4, a significant number of her photos with Gil Le were likewise re-shared.

It very well may be seen that Chi Pu is an unmistakable star in the Chinese market, thought about the top excellence of Vbiz according to Cbiz media. It isn’t evident regardless of whether it will find true success, however Chi Pu’s support in Extremely rich person Pedals the Breeze and Turns Waves Season 4 with many stars like Thai Thieu Fen, Luu Dao… is most certainly a major defining moment for her profession. Perhaps in a specific destiny, “Duong Mich Vietnamese rendition” will eye to eye with “Unique Duong Mich form”?