Tein H Tech Springs and Ksport Springs

Tein H tech springs and Ksport springs are among the highest quality of lowering springs available on the market today. Aftermarket springs for the lowering of a vehicle just met their match for superb quality and strength.

Tein H tech springs are performance lowering springs, that use the newest spring and material technology to be able to create a more comfortable ride with lasting performance and quality. The Tein H tech springs are made with Vanadium or SAE6254V. This is a lightweight and very strong metal for the Tein H tech springs, and allows those people who are looking for a slightly lowered profile but still have a high quality ride to experience the Tein expertise. The Acura Tein H tech springs are available for models from 1997 to current, and range in price from $250 to $340 depending on the seller. BMW is the next most popular Tein H tech springs model cars, and these are available from 1993 to present. A set of Tein H tech springs for these vehicles ranges in price from $270 to $300. For Chevy vehicles, the only model of Tein H tech springs available is for the 1995 to 2004 Cavalier, and these can be purchased for about $220. The next most popular model vehicle for these springs is the Honda Accord, and these are available from years 1990 to present ranging in price from $280 to $400.

Ksport springs are a type of lowering springs that are made to give a vehicle the best handling, with a race car appearance. Ksport springs uses progressive rates so that a comfortable ride is felt when driving under normal circumstances. There is never a body roll felt during heavy braking with Ksport springs, or during fast acceleration like most other lowering springs. Ksport springs lower your car’s center of gravity so that handling is better than with most other springs, and Ksport springs help with performance under racing circumstances. Ksport springs offer the GT model, which are made to give great handling. These Ksport springs are available for Acura, BMW 3 series, some Chevrolet models, Dodge, Ford, Honda as well as many others.