Protecting Your Business From Hackers

Have you ever considered the security of your business? You should. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrime has increased by 600%. This includes a variety of illegal activities conducted through computers, computer networks or other digital devices.

Hackers utilize different methods to achieve their goals. For instance, ransomware is malware that is specifically designed to encrypt a computer’s data and can only be erased by paying some type of “ransom” to the criminal. Phishing is another strategy that tricks online users to reveal personal information or download harmful software through misleading text messages or emails. Identity fraud involves hacking into a user’s online accounts to access their information and using their stolen identity to steal funds.

The costliest types of cybercrime are web-based attacks and malware. To protect themselves, businesses spend about an average of $2.4 million to help defend themselves and their employees. A third of companies that were affected by intrusive malware took a week, at minimum, to recover their data. However, 50% of information security professionals admit that their companies are not truly prepared for ransom attacks. Three out of four businesses still ended up being a victim to ransomware despite having up-to-date protection.

Cyberattacks can happen to anyone, but corporations are more at risk because there’s more potential for financial gain to cybercriminals. Any company can become a victim, but smaller businesses are at an increased risk due to their vulnerability and possible lack of knowledge in cybersecurity.

For more information on how to protect yourself and your business, look at the infographic below, created by experts in managed IT services. It explains the right security measures and how it can help you.

Infographic provided by Acropolis Technology Group, experts on managed IT services St Louis MO