“Consistently I go on set, I cry”

Hating the sweet snapshots of affection from now onward, indefinitely quite a while, the romantic tale of the pastry specialist Ly and the grandiose chief Quy has confronted difficulties before the furious resistance of the head honcho’s mom. In episode 24 Don’t talk when you’re in loveaired the previous evening (Walk 22), Ly chose to express farewell to her sweetheart feeling hopeless.

Thuy Anh said that when she got the content and the recording plan for episode 24, she fell into a condition of “discouragement” in light of the fact that an entire day of her scenes were brimming with miserable scenes, including the scene where Ly said words. goodbye to Quy. “Maybe the team organized this so I could completely live in the person’s mind,” she said.

Because of the “purposeful” of the film group Don’t talk when you’re enamored yet Thuy Anh has had snapshots of encountering numerous agonizing feelings in adoration. She admitted that she was an individual who struggled with crying tears, yet when she assumed the part of Ly in episode 24, her tears just normally fell.

Every entertainer has an alternate approach to communicating their thoughts before the crying scene, yet for Thuy Anh alone, “a definitive agony isn’t outrage or fault, however quiet. Ly’s trouble is the manner by which to keep down. hurt inside and be hard outwardly.”

In the location of the mother and little girl meeting Quy to return the cash, Ly attempted to keep cool-headed to major areas of strength for seem. Be that as it may, when her sweetheart’s mom utilized extreme affronts, seeing her as “the tracker playing the person in question”, she chose to separate. “I thought love involved two individuals, however it turned out not to be along these lines, so today I propose to separate regardless of whether you concur, it won’t transform anything.” Despite the fact that Quy pursued and cajoled her, she actually didn’t alter her perspective. What’s more, when she was distant from everyone else in the taxi, Ly cried, unfit to control the shortcoming of her injured heart. She attempted to facilitate the aggravation herself, yet in the end needed to admit to her closest companion (Tu) that “I’m in such a lot of agony!”.

Placing herself in Ly’s temperament, Thuy Anh said: “Sense of pride is vital, self esteem just makes you move in reverse. With Ly, she has consistently preferred to do anything she desires to do, or egotistical. In this piece of the film, Ly was embarrassed, yet in addition her folks were viewed as shameful in Quy’s mom’s eyes. choose what to do.”
As opposed to Ly’s character, in actuality, Thuy Anh won’t express farewell to her beau on account of the disallowance from the kid’s mom. “I won’t separate, the more I boycott it, the more furious I get (giggles). Yet, Ly is totally unique, she genuinely adores Quy and doesn’t believe that her folks should experience brutal words in view of her. I need to see the connection among mother and little girl Quy head down a terrible path. That is the reason Ly experiences every one of her wounds. Maybe, the naughty dough puncher has grown up and knows how to think for everybody.” entertainer trusted.

Thinking back on the 24-episode excursion of staying with Ly, Thuy Anh likewise obviously feels the person’s development. From a bright, blameless young lady, the cook experienced many highs and lows in both love and life. “Inspecting the principal episodes of the series, at times I’m disheartened in light of the fact that Ly of the at various times is so unique. Be that as it may, throughout everyday life, everybody needs to grow up, be more answerable for themselves, with the others. individuals around”.

Film Don’t talk when you’re enamored is entering the race to film the last portions. Numerous entertainers recorded their last scene and expressed farewell to the group. Thuy Anh herself is both anticipating the finish of the film and miserable on the grounds that she is going to end her 4-month venture on the set. Consistently she went to film, she was miserable and cried. “Time passes by so quick, recently began shooting in winter, yet presently it’s going to close. The creation team generally prodded that I would be the one to cry the most on the free day the group,” she said.

Try not to talk when you’re infatuated is one of the film projects that have persistently arrived at the most elevated rating of VFC since its transmission. With the cast of Manh Truong, Thuy Anh, Dinh Tu and veteran faces like Duc Khue, Tu Oanh … each cut of the film makes an incredible discussion on informal organizations and media. That affirms the fascination of television works with subjects of adoration and family – which is the strength of VFC