CES drives the gold file with a distinction of 15 minutes, peering down at SE is weird

A few insights about the main leg were given, noticeable of which and important to many fans was the gold contrast at 15 minutes of the game.

Shockingly, not GAM, CES is the group with the best beginning to VCS so far when the typical distinction at 15 minutes is 1,100 gold. This was uncovered when the individuals from CES had a decent early laning and ganking stage with 2 junglers, Draktharr and Inner self.
GAM is even at fourth spot, but since of the great sythesis and teamfights in the mid and late game, GAM is as yet unbeaten with 7 successes on the diagram. The most extraordinary thing is presumably SE when the group just apologized to the fans who kept on showing their unsound presentation while remaining at the penultimate situation in the rankings. Just positioned above MBE, the most vulnerable group in VCS Spring 2023.

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It’s actually a disturbing subtlety when the teamfight was generally horrible and was as yet lost in the early game. SE actually needs changes to work on significant elements to go further.