A Giang Common Youth Association meets and gives gifts on the event of the customary New Year of Cambodia and Laos

On the morning of April 11, the A Giang Common Youth Association held a gathering and gave Tet gifts to Cambodian and Laotian understudies and authorities of the Khmer Ethnic Gathering, Affiliation and Group of A Giang region on the event of Chol Chnam Thmay (Cambodia) and Chol Chnam Thmay (Cambodia) customary New Year. Tet Bunpimay (Laos) in 2023.

Mr. Do Minh Sang, Delegate Secretary of the A Giang Commonplace Youth Association, expressed that throughout the previous time, branches at all levels, the Commonplace Youth Association and the Vietnam Youth Association in A Giang area have in every case endlessly focused on Cambodian and Laotian understudies concentrating on in Vietnam. neighborhood individuals in the region and authorities of the Adolescent Association, Affiliation, Group, patrons and youngsters of the Khmer ethnic gathering in the territory with numerous reasonable exercises. What’s more, the Directorate of colleges, universities and secondary schools in the territory are keen on supporting and making all good circumstances for ages of Cambodian and Lao understudies to review and research in A Giang with true serenity so they can endlessly concentrate in A Giang with genuine serenity. add to the development and improvement of their country and country. You are likewise the extension adding to fixing the fortitude and adjoining kinship between the three nations of Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia which is progressively manageable.


A Giang Common Youth Association recognizes and praises the authorities of the Khmer Ethnic Youth Association, Affiliation and Group lately who have effectively coordinated exercises, developments, care and schooling for youngsters nearby. contribute well to crafted by fortitude and get-together of youngsters in the area and partake in the financial improvement of the region.

In the delight of commending the New Year of Chol Chhnam Thmay and Bunpimay, Mr. Do Minh Sang, for the benefit of the common chiefs, wishes the understudies of Cambodia and Laos a warm, blissful and cheerful New Year, and simultaneously concentrate on well. well advancing its job as a scaffold for fortitude and fellowship between the young people of the three nations Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia. Wishing every one of the frameworks and units of the Khmer Youth Association, Affiliation and Group all around good, effectively getting done with all their doled out jobs, being the center core in the extraordinary public solidarity work.