3 Hard Truths About Your Online Business Presence

Tales from the Online Marketing Crypt #20

Busting the Fairy Tales You Keep Being Told to Do

We’ve been dwelling in a fairy tale this past week. Well, more like a nightmare with this sizzling warmness that has engulfed the Pacific Northwest with record-breaking temperatures!

When I become younger I could not deal with the heat at all. I turned into susceptible to warmth exhaustion – and that became in temperatures nowhere near the warmth we just skilled!

Back then, it was wellknown to earn a summer income picking berries at a local farm. I wasn’t too keen on choosing strawberries because we might have to move slowly on our knees all day. But raspberries had been exceptional – so long as you came organized with lengthy-sleeved shirts to avoid the prickly trees.

My first year choosing wasn’t so brilliant. It turned into a hot summer time, and I often had to leave by way of midday, feeling the warmth exhaustion kick in. I’d spend the afternoon laying at the couch with a chilly compress on my head, feeling sick to my stomach and looking to tame my raging headache.

It only took some days like that for me to discern out a manner to prevent dropping half a day of selecting cash. And that turned into to stand up at sunrise and be at the patch lengthy earlier than every body else showed up… Which includes the recent sun!

I become pretty proud of the way I had more than one apartments prepared to get weighed before the straw boss showed up. They failed to make up for all the time lost, but at least some of it was salvaged by using not doing what every person else become doing.

Are there things you are doing for your enterprise that everybody else is doing… But just are not working out?

Every day I study on social media or watch a video of someone telling entrepreneurs what they “should” be doing so as to make a variety of money of their commercial enterprise.

I recoil every time I see these formidable statements of reality.

Because they rarely are proper for everyone.

So today, I’m sharing 3 of these on-line enterprise fairy tales that want to be busted huge open!