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About Us

What is ashtanga yoga?

Our Yoga is based on Patanjali’s Hatha (Ashtanga) Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga gives more emphasis for body and mind alignment. Thirumoolar is a Tamil yogi who is one the main 63 Nayanars and one of the 18 Siddhars. Thirumoolar has authored this seminal yogic text called Thirumandiram which consists of 3000 verses, and it forms a part of the key text of the Tamil Shaiva Siddhanta. This is considered one of the best and most important scripture in Tamil language.

As most scriptures and literature are like advice and teachings sage Thirumoolar’s writings are more of his own experience and the verses are written in a way as if he is talking to you directly. He is one of the true yogis who explains his own journey and experiences of Ashtanga yoga, which he describes as Siva yoga. His teachings of yoga and the reference to its therapeutic benefits is more detailed than any other yogis including sage patanjali and any other scriptures in yoga.

Thirumandiram is comprised of nine Tantras. The nine Tantras consist of various aspects of human life. Tantra three explains in great details about Ashtanga Yoga, the eight limbs of yoga path. No other yogic literature or yogis has explained so much detail about the therapeutic effects of the yoga practice. In many sutras he elaborates how regular practice of Ashtanga Yoga helps balance all three elements in our body, preventing and curing various ailments in our body and mind.

The practices of asana, pranayama and dhyana (Meditation) which are the progressive paths of yoga, not only keep your health in perfect state, but also keep the candle of inner light and life shining holistically. Yoga asanas help to ensure an even distribution of bio-energy, or life-force, which brings the mind to a state of calm. Asanas balance the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, hormonal, digestive, excretory and reproductive systems perfectly. The equilibrium in the body then brings mental peace and enhances the intellectual clarity.

Our Vision:

  • done_all To promote the value of Yoga, Varma Art and Naturopathy to all people.
  • done_all To create knowledge about yoga to Children’s.
  • done_all To make drugless (medicine) society through Yoga and Varma Naturopathy.
  • done_all To educate people with benefits of Yogic therapy benefits, beyond the common belief that Yoga is for spiritual enlightenment only.
  • done_all To continue the research on the Ancient Art of Yoga to discover all the 8,400,000 Asanas in order to publish a comprehensive encyclopedia in Yoga asanas.